Each month an AMERI user will be featured to showcase their work. Users consist of students, faculty, and professional researchers. The user of June 2019 is Iman Khakpour.

Iman has been using the AMERI facilities since 2017. He conducts research on biomedical sensors, supercapacitors, and energy storage devices under the supervision of Dr. Chunlei Wang.

Iman synthesizes and studies graphene-based materials through a novel method for different applications such as high-frequency Electrostatic double-layer capacitors, micro-batteries, and bioelectronic sensors.

The main object of this project is establishing an easy, controllable, inexpensive, scale-up, and environmentally friendly method for fabricating high-quality graphene with high surface area for different applications.

“My favorite thing about the AMERI is the facilities in the cleanroom which gives me the opportunity to do all the steps for the fabrication of micro-devices. I also use the available equipment for different material characterization technique. However, in my point of view, the most favorite thing about the AMERI is its supportive staffs who kindly help anyone whenever they need any help”.