S. Mondal

Each month an AMERI user will be featured to showcase their work. Users consist of students, faculty, and professional researchers. The user of July 2019 is Santanu Mondal.

Santanu has been using the AMERI facilities since 2018. He researches on the synthesis of advanced ceramic under the supervision of Dr. Zhe Cheng.

Santanu synthesizes and characterizes ceramic materials for high-performance cutting tools, drill bits, and ultra-high temperature applications such as leading edges of ultra-sonic vehicles and propulsion unit of rockets. His current research involves the synthesis of high entropy ceramics, including transitional metal carbide, borides and nitrides, and densification of different ceramics powder by flash sintering technique. The objective of the work is to develop excellent and robust ceramics for adverse applications.

“My favorite thing about the AMERI facilities is the availability of various characterization instruments at a place (, including transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer and others are amazing,) for my research and their unlimited access, which accelerate my research outcome.