Director’s Message


Dr. Arvind Agarwal
Director, Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute
Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Florida International University


Nanotechnology is an encompassing field of research that cuts across different branches of engineering and sciences. AMERI is an open, multidisciplinary research facility housed in College of Engineering and Computing and is available for FIU faculty, researchers, and students to facilitate research and teaching in the field of nanotechnology and nanomaterials. The facility is also available to users from other academic institutions and industry. AMERI facilities include state-of-the-art tools for nanofabrication and materials characterization, which are ably supported by its technical staff and associated faculty members.

At present, AMERI users include more than 15 faculty and 60 graduate students. An Advisory Board is constituted to counsel AMERI Director for its long term vision and goals. In the near future, AMERI will be organizing short term courses and workshops in the field of (i) Nanotechnology (ii) Failure Analysis and (iii) Materials Characterization, which will be beneficial to local industry.

AMERI invites and welcome all to explore the facilities to enhance your research and learning in the rapidly moving field. We look forward to your suggestions on its new website, which is a work in progress.

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