Electronic Packaging Equipment

  • High speed (100,000 rpm) OZO micro-router/drill for hole drilling (.006 min) and depaneling
  • MPM screen printer, with vacuum pull down for via filling
  • PTC isostatic laminator
  • Uniaxial laminator
  • Firing furnaces (controlled ramp (1oC/min), air, vacuum.
  • Controlled atmosphere, hydrogen to 1600oC), with optical camera monitoring.
  • Ceramic lapping
  • Hughes micro welder/soldering station, manual pick and place with epoxy dispense.
  • Complete screen fabrication, thru hole plating facility (electroless/electroplating with pulse power supply)
  • Photoresist – spinner, controlled extraction
  • Dry film and exposure system, thin film deposition (laser ablation, sputtering, filament, and e-beam).
  • Complete tape manufacturing (ball mills, three roll mill, cup and cone viscometer, tape casting)
  • Full high frequency testing includes three Agilent network analyzers (6GHz, 26GHz, 110GHz)
  • Wiltron RF test fixture and a time domain reflectometer.
  • Sonnet microwave design, Pro-E solid modeling, CFDRC Fluid modeling, and Harvard Thermal Analysis

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