Frequently Asked Questions

What is Motorola’s involvement in the Motorola Nanofabrication Research Facility?
The cleanroom facility at AMERI was made possible through a charitable donation of equipment from the Motorola Corporation in 2004. The thin films cleanroom lab was named in appreciation and acknowledgment of this gift.

How can I remotely access AMERI?
Process Equipment and Analytical Instrumentation that is controlled by manufacturers’ software running on a dedicated PC, may be accessed remotely for purposes of monitoring the process or activity, and in some cases direct operation and control of the equipment. This is especially useful for increasing the efficiency of your sessions when you are not able to be here on site to participate in the collaboration in person.

By accessing the computer desktop of our SEMs or FIBs, you are able to view your sample in real time wherever you are. Add a phone call, and you are able to provide instant feedback to the operator while viewing your sample. In some cases where the equipment is fully controllable by a Graphic User Interface, you may perform the analysis or process yourself from your home/work PC, laptop, or even smartphone. Just ship us your sample and schedule

What Equipment is available at AMERI and what are the service fees?
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