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AMERI is an Open Access facility, available to researchers from academia and industry alike. Like other facilities of its type, AMERI seeks to further research in Engineering and Nanotechnology by consolidating the resources needed to perform this work at one easily accessible location.

In order to become a new user:

  1. Discuss accessing AMERI with your supervisor and obtain approval.
  2. Read the AMERI User Guide, which can be found here.
  3. Complete AMERI Online Safety Training:
    In order to receive on-line training from the EH&S Department, go to the FIU Training and Professional Development site and register for the required courses following the training instructions found here.
    Required courses:

    • To access any lab in AMERI:
      • Fire Safety
      • Laboratory Hazard Awareness
      • HAZCOM: In Sync with GHS
    • If using fume hoods and/or chemicals:
      • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Laboratory
      • Chemical Handling Safety - Basic Principles
      • Safe Use of Fume Hoods
    • If any equipment you will be working with houses a laser or gases:
      • Laser Safety
      • Compressed Gas Safety Awareness
  4. Combine all safety training certificates into a single .pdf file for submission.
  5. Create a Facility Online Manager (FOM) account at For instructions and more information about FOM please see the fom user guide.
  6. Having completed the necessary training, fill out the New AMERI User Request Form.
  7. To access the X-Ray Diffraction Lab, email Dr. Surendra Dua at for additional training in Radiation Safety.

What next?

Both AMERI staff and your supervisor will be emailed the information that you submit. AMERI staff will review your application for accuracy, completion of safety trainings, and ensure that your FOM account has been created. Your supervisor will recieve the same email and will be required to reply and approve your access. Once both of these are complete, we will schedule your directors meeting. After that, AMERI staff will enable your accese and you are all set.

Contact us for more information:
Ana Torres:
Patrick Roman:

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