Micro / Nano Device Design and Fabrication

The Motorola Nanofabrication Research Facility is a fully functional MEMS/Nano device development cleanroom on the 4” wafer platform.  Let us help you take your research device project from design to dicing, to prove the concept, or run batch processes.


Micro / Nano processing capabilities 

  • MEMS and Nano Sensor Design and Development to Application
  • Nano pattern Ebeam lithography
  • Wafer and Mask laser writing
  • Thin Film Process development
  • Multi-material DRIE, ALD, CVD, Evaporation, Sputtering, Wet chemistry
  • Exotic substrate processing


Cleanroom Bays

  • Photolithography – ISO 5, Class 100
  • Ebeam lithography – ISO 6, Class 1000
  • Deposition and Etching – ISO 7, Class 10,000]


Click here for Micro/ Nano Device Fabrication Equipment List

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