AMERI Spotlight December 2017: Brayan Navarrete

AMERI Spotlight December 2017: Brayan Navarrete

Each month an AMERI user will be featured to showcase their work. Users consist of students, faculty, and professional researchers. This month’s user is electrical engineering PhD student, Brayan Navarrete.

Brayan Navarrete began working in AMERI in the Fall 2016 semester. He works within the cleanroom run by Patrick Roman and the nanomagnetics lab run by Dr. Khizroev's research group.

Navarrete's current work involves designing and fabricating test devices for nano-particle based Magnetic Tunneling Junctions (MTJs). These devices promise high switching rates for computational speed, non-volatile memory, and energy efficiency that is not currently available in other devices with the same properties in speed and memory storage.

"The best feature that AMERI has to offer is the ability to have the magnetic and electrical characterization lab only a few steps from the cleanroom. This allows for less exposure to the climate from fabrication to testing. Oxidation plays a big part while testing, and having the test benches just a few steps away allows for less stress going into testing the devices."

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