AMERI Spotlight January 2018: Ebenezer Dotun Adelowo

AMERI Spotlight January 2018: Ebenezer Dotun Adelowo

Each month an AMERI user will be featured to showcase their work. Users consist of students, faculty, and professional researchers. This month’s user is Ebenezer Dotun Adelowo.

Adelowo has been using the AMERI facilities since 2015. He conducts research on energy storage devices under the supervision of Dr. Chunlei Wang.

Adelowo synthesizes and studies electrode materials for lithium-ion based energy storage devices. His current research involves the development and evaluation of miniature lithium-ion hybrid supercapacitor, using lithium titanate and graphene electrode materials on carbon microelectromechanical systems (C-MEMS) platform. The objective of the work is to achieve a miniature energy storage device having high energy and power density with long cycle life for application in miniature electronic systems.

“My favorite thing about the AMERI facilities is the support the cleanroom provides in fabricating C-MEMS platform for my research. Also, material characterization tools available at AMERI such as transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, X-ray diffractometer and others are absolutely amazing.”

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