AMERI Spotlight October 2017: Melania Antillon

AMERI Spotlight October 2017: Melania Antillon

Each month an AMERI user will be featured to showcase their work. Users consist of students, faculty, and professional researchers. This month’s user is Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student Melania Antillon.

Melania Antillon has been working for AMERI since January 2016. She works in the Plasma Forming Laboratory (PFL) research group, which is directed by Dr. Arvind Agarwal, Dr. Benjamin Boesl, and Dr. Cheng Zhang.

Antillon develops and studies Ultra High Temperature Ceramics with the potential to be used in space shuttle tiles and other atmosphere re-entry vehicles. Her research consists of making samples in a Spark Plasma Sintering machine in the Plasma Forming Laboratory and investigating the properties of each sample in AMERI. By tailoring the processing parameters, she hopes to achieve ceramics with excellent mechanical properties and oxidation resistance.

“My favorite thing about the facilities is that I can find all advanced laboratory equipment necessary for characterizing my samples in one location. This includes the polishing wheel, scanning electron microscope (SEM) with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy,  X-ray diffractometer, a focused ion beam SEM, microhardness tester, and so much more.”

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