Who We Are

The mission of the Advance Materials Engineering Research Institute is to enable the development of future technologies by combining open-access, and state-of-the-art analytical/fabrication tools with innovative research ideas from award-winning faculty and industry across South Florida and throughout the world.

From the Stone Age to Silicon Valley, the first step in any revolutionary technological development is the advancement of materials. Through guided synthesis and processing, the performance of advanced materials can be tailored to meet the needs of the next evolution in energy, sustainability, and health technologies. Without a strong effort in materials development and characterization, these fields can become stagnant and iterative. Within AMERI our goal to provide access to equipment that would be too expensive or too cumbersome for individual researchers to use and maintain. This model frees up researchers to focus on the great engineering challenges of today with the knowledge that the tools and expertise are available to make their vision a reality.

We serve local academic researchers (with users from FIU, University of Miami, Florida Atlantic University) as well as National Laboratories, Small Businesses, and Large Corporations. We can work with you for all your materials science and engineering needs. Dr. Arvind Agarwal    Director, Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute

Our Team

Dr. Arvind Agarwal

AMERI Director

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Dr. Benjamin Boesl

BBAssistant Director, AMERI and Assistant Professor, MME

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Dr. Patrick Roman

Facility Manager

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Dr. Alexander Franco Hernandez

Research Assistant Professor

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Jonathan Comparan

Research Associate

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Steward Schwarz

Cleanroom Engineer

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Giselle Alvarez

Office Manager

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Analytical Laboratory
The AMERI houses a full suite of analytical tools including 4 electron microscopes, thermal processing, and analysis tools, sample preparation and metallography equipment and material property analysis tools.
Motorola Nanofabrication Research Facility
The AMERI boasts a state-of-the-art open access Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Nanofabrication, packaging, and materials research facility with a 2000 square foot clean room and comprehensive materials research laboratories. The institute provides full-service project support from our administrative and technical staff
Electronic Packaging Laboratory
The AMERI houses a comprehensive electronic packaging and ceramic systems processing facility. Package design and materials systems solutions are available for a wide range of project needs.
Additive Manufacturing Laboratory
The AMERI houses four 3D printers and has the capability to print with a wide range of materials, surface finishes, resolution, and properties.

Our Specialty

The AMERI specializes in the realization of high-tech solutions to solve advanced technological problems for research, product development, and analysis.  Combining customer specific needs and input with advanced analytic tools, design, fabrication, and testing.  The AMERI offers a multi-faceted approach to achieve needed results.

Our Principles

Open Access

We are an open-access facility and strive to promote increased usage across campus and throughout the local industry. The facility is open to users 24/7 with slide card access.

Valid Consistent Results

All major equipment is under service contract, checked for operational reliability and accuracy, and held to the standard of academic peer review. Your data is our most important concern.      

Exceptional Customer Service

We welcome feedback from all our users and supervisors to improve your experience at every step.                        



Advisory Board

Industrial Advisory Board

The role of the Industry Board is to guide, advise and support AMERI on emerging business and industry trends, equipment and facility investment planning, public relations throughout the community and raising funds to support future investment.

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Faculty Advisory Board

The role of the Faculty Board is to guide, advise and support AMERI from the academic perspective; combining research, teaching and service to the profession.                                                                                                                                                                     .

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Student User Advisory Board

The role of the Student User Advisory Board is to guide, advise and support AMERI from the end-user perspective. Our students are the engine of innovation and their feedback improves day-to-day operations.                                                        .

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